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Engage more your website visitors and assign tags and data faster

Most of you asked and we finally did it. Today we are introducing Anonymous chats, editable attributes and, finally our knowledgebase.

Want to receive conversations without asking for email?

Most of you wanted to receive conversations even without asking for email as a required field.

Today you can!

Today is not mandatory anymore and we are benefiting the feature since day one. Today by selecting Anonymous Chat in your App Settings the email will be not mandatory anymore. And you can finally convince your visitors to trust you and convert them in actual customers.


Want to add some useful information about your incoming contacts or users?

You asked for editing and creating attributes and tags for incoming conversations contacts.

You can easily do it right now.

Today you can add and edit as many custom data and tag as you need. Just click on New attribute key and add a key and value (eg. paying_customer true)


Do you want to easily explore and understand more features of Customerly?

No problem, we finally launched our new Knowledgebase to let you explore even more feature than you know! Check our knowledge base now


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