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8 Strategies to improve your email subject for a better open rate

One of the most important things to take care when you send a newsletter to your customers or leads is open and click rate. Speaking of open rate, there is definitely something you can do to improve your email open rate: optimize your email subject. So here you can find 8 strategies to improve your email subject for a better open rate.

  1. A curious subject. Try to stimulate the curiosity of your reader. A good example is: “10 news that I want to share with you” or “Don’t Open This Email”.
  2. A CTA Subject. Be direct with your reader, say to him what he should do, like: Discover the 8 strategies to improve your email subject.
  3. Keep short the Email Subject. This is a must and is clear, direct and short. It will work.
  4. Beneficial Email subject. At the very core, people subscribe to your newsletter to have useful information from you. So you can write a beneficial email subject like this: “These are the 8 strategies to improve your email subject “
  5. Use Emoji into your Email Subject. We are common to see always text into our email clients, what if we add a few colors? Adding an Emoji is always effective, it’s catchy! “Reach your 🎯 today.” 
  6. Put some scarcity into your email subject. “72-hour Sale: The lowest price ever” Scarcity is an evergreen marketing rule, and it works for a reason.
  7. Use your client name. The sweetest thing you can say to a person is its name. So use it! “Luca, you should read this article”
  8. Use a question to catch your customer mind. “Is New York on your mind?” after I searched for a flight to NYC. This is effective because it’s a question and it has one strong keyword I searched before.


Thanks to Customerly you can increase your open rate by 30%. This is a result that one of our companies has reached thanks to the delivery of the email by live chat as well. Start to increase your Open Rate today.



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