3 Best Intercom Alternatives to switch to in 2021


3 Best Intercom Alternatives to switch to in 2021

Luca MicheliJul 11, 2020

Are you searching for Intercom alternatives that are pocket-friendly and have loads of useful features? Well, we have dug through the many live chat software solutions available on the internet and we came up with 3 of the best leading live chat software that are good alternatives to Intercom.

A survey by Firstsource revealed that “Web chat is becoming a new wave of customer relationship and management adoption tool” and this has led to an increase in demand for live chat software by 8.29% according to a customer service report. Thus many businesses are struggling to keep up with the demand. Therefore, you need to find a live chat solution that can give your customer the best customer support experience they deserve.

But before we go into the details, let’s look at the reasons you may need alternatives to Intercom.

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a company that offers a customer platform to assist businesses to grow by providing Live Chat, a Help desk with a shared Inbox, Help center, Knowledgebase, and a Chatbot to help through the customer journey.

Reasons you need Intercom alternatives

1.  Intercom is expensive

The truth is, many startups and growing businesses are low on budget. You should choose software that is good, but also easy to manage financially. But, Intercom is expensive. It is not for small businesses low on budget.

2.  Intercom charges for Active users

Recently, Intercom changes its pricing model charging per active users. This means that every visitor that comes to your website is counted as an active user even though they are not real users. Apart from that, any user who updates their data is also counted as active users.

Because of all these issues and many more, you need alternatives to Intercom.

Let’s get started.

Intercom Alternative #1: Customerly

The best intercom alternative

Create an astonishing customer service experience seamlessly“ is the mission statement of Customerly.

It is a robust customer service suite that offers live chat software, automated marketing sales funnels, and in-app surveys to help you capture visitors, turn them into leads and convert them to paying customers.

This is what makes Customerly one of the best alternatives to Intercom.

Customerly is currently in use by over 22,000 businesses worldwide with more than 30.000 users.

Below are the features of Customerly as one of the best alternatives to Intercom:

Features of Customerly one of the best Alternatives to Intercom

Alternative to Intercom
  • Live chat:  Customerly’s live chat will help you capture your website visitors and nurture them until they become paying customers. With it, you can quickly communicate with visitors and customers and solve their problems. It adds lead qualifying automated questions to help you know your leads more.
  • Campaigns:  Customerly allows you to create and deliver in-app campaigns. It has beautiful templates you can use to create newsletters for your subscribers. Not only that, but you can also check the stats and know the number of people that opened and clicked.
  • Canned responses: It enables you to create templated canned responses by saving popular or common messages so you can use it for your website users.
  • Video live chat with screen sharing: This is another great feature that makes Customerly one of the viable alternatives to Intercom. You can call your customers or leads straight from your website installing no software. This can help you build more trust in your customers and create a great experience for them.
  • The visual Funnel builder:  Customerly enables you to create unlimited automated marketing sales funnels easily to connect with customers and build relationships through constant communication. It is a great tool to create automatic follow-ups for leads before they get cold and funnels to nurture them to become paying customers.
  • In-app surveys:  Looking for ways to get feedback from your audience? Customerly allows you to create and deliver in-app surveys to get feedback from your website users through the live chat. This feature produces high response rates. It is one feature that makes it one of the best alternatives to Intercom.
  • NPS:  This is an uncommon feature that makes Customerly one of the alternatives to Intercom. NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a tool that helps you to know your customers’ loyalty.
  • Help Center: The Customerly dedicated help center helps you to create a library of information about your product, service, and topics you can easily use for your audience whenever the need arises. This will help save 50% of your time which you can devote to better use.
  • Email template builder (drag & drop): The drag-and-drop email template builder helps you to create a pixel-perfect email template you can use for your campaigns or funnel emails.
  • People segmentation:  With this feature, you can create custom segments based on your customers’ events, tags and attributes. For example, you can create a custom segment for all the leads coming from the pricing page.

Customerly integration

Customerly as one of the best alternatives to Intercom can be integrated with Elementor forms and Zapier.  More integrations are underway.

Customerly Customers Feedback

intercom alternative customer feedback

“Customerly has been nothing short of amazing for our team to handle customer engagement and support for our 3 SaaS apps. We are 8 month’s in, and still just as glad that we walked away from Intercom to Customerly.

Ty Duran, CEO @ MarketPlan, ConvertPages, ConversionFly

Customerly pricing

the best intercom alternative pricing

Customerly has four plans.  The first plan is the basic plan ($0).

It is a free plan for small business owners and teams of two that needs to communicate with prospects and customers.

The second startup plan ($24) is designed for a team of entrepreneurs who wants to use automation to build relationships with clients.

The pro plan ($79) is designed for established businesses that need stellar customer service.

The last plan is Enterprise ($129). It is created for enterprises that require a complete customer service solution.

Intercom Alternative #2: Helpscout

Alternative to Intercom

“To help build a company people love”

Helpscout is another good alternative to intercom you can consider. It offers email and live chat tools to help you serve your customers better and provide a unique customer experience. It also makes the internal team communication easier. Below are Helpscout features, pricing, and integrations.

Helpscout features as one of the alternatives to Intercom

  • Help desk: The Helpscout help desk software helps you to organize your team’s communication. It shows your customers communication in mailboxes. It has workflows with powerful automation to deliver quality customer services at all times.
  • Live chat: Helpscout new live chat feature helps you have conversations with your website visitor and customers. With it, you can recommend articles based on the page the visitors are viewing. When they can’t find answers they can easily contact a real person.
  • Analytics: The analytics feature helps you create reports based on your customers and teams. You can export the report to CSV or XLS for use.
  • Knowledgebase: The knowledgebase feature helps you to create helpful content for customers using the Docs editor. You can customize the categories, group related articles and add SEO details.

Helpscout pricing

Alternative to Intercom

Helpscout has three pricing models. The standard plan ($20/month), the Plus plan ($32 / month) and the company plan designed for teams of 25+ (contact Helpscout for pricing).

Helpscout integration

Helpscout integrates with tools you love such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Jira, Slack, MailChimp, Shopify, Capsule, Webhooks, and Olark.

Intercom Alternative #3: Userengage

Alternative to Intercom

“Turn every visitor into a happy customer”

Userengage is one of the alternatives to Intercom. It is a popular marketing automation tool with features such as email marketing, CRM, analytics, call center, and chatbots. Popular businesses like Shopify, WordPress, and Magento are using Userengage. Below are some of its features.

Features of Userengage as an alternative to Intercom

  • Email marketing: Userengage have drag-and-drop tool to create the structures for your email. It has beautiful templates you can tailor to your needs if you don’t want to start from scratch. You can track opens, click, unsubscribe and even A/B tests.
  • CRM: With Userengage’s CRM, you can create and manage deals, and get reports on emails and sales activities. You can connect Google calendar with your account, use different currencies to see your real sales, etc.
  • Analytics: With the analytics feature, you can create reports on deals, email, activities and track sales, conversions, the number of registrations, ongoing conversations, and the number of visits.
  • Call center: The call center helps you to schedule automated calls, send and receive SMS, and record and receive calls. It shows call logs and SMS delivery logs.
  • Chatbot: The chatbot feature enables to create pre-defined answers for your website visitors. You can create and send messages, save answers in the user profile and connect with other automation.

Userengage pricing

Alternative to Intercom

Userengage’s pricing starts at $79 per month. However, the pricing depends on the size of your contact database. The price will increase when the number of contacts in your application increases. But, it will not be lower than the $79 per month.

Userengage integrations

Userengage integrates well with popular apps and tools such as Google tag manager, WordPress, JavaScript, Magento, PrestaShop, Slack, Twilio, Zapier, Segment, and SMS API.


Above are three great alternatives to Intercom: Userengage, Helpscout, and Customerly. Choose the one that has lots of features and a relatively low budget. Have you tried any of them before? Share with us in the comment section below.

Start your 14-day Free Trial and check all the features you need to see if Customerly is a good fit for you to replace Intercom.

Luca Micheli

Luca Micheli

CEO @ Customerly

Are you searching for the best alternatives to Intercom? Here are the 3 best alternatives you can consider. One Intercom Alternative Free

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