Customerly Roadmap

This roadmap highlights the features & improvements planned for Customerly. Priorities can change as we face new challenges.

At Customerly we are committed to executing iterative and rapid improvements based on our vision of Customerly and feedback from our users and customers.

Our mission at Customerly is to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers. We do that through our platform and services. Our goal at Customerly is to help 1 Billion people or more. 


Our team is committed to improving Customerly every week by using the code sprint method. Every week we set up a task to complete for the week after. The following updates are the most important task we will work on the next code sprints:

  • Visitors engagement tools
  • Facebook and Whatsapp integration
  • Custom Lead Forms
  • UX Improvements for automations, campaigns, and survey
  • Integration with Shopify, Magento & Prestashop

Completed Projects & Improvements

Q3 2018

  • UX improvements for Help Desk and Live Chat
  • Automated Invoicing service
  • Referral Program
  • Badges
  • Integration with Zapier
  • Knowledgebase released
  • Anonymous chat feature released
  • Open a new conversation from Help Desk

Q2 2018

  • GDPR compliance and features for our customers
  • New architecture to scale up
  • Email sender 12X faster
  • Improvement for Push Notifications
  • New mobile version app Released
  • Stability Improvements
  • UX Improvements
  • Web Notification

Q1 2018

  • New Pricing modules
  • New Onboarding
  • Stability Improvements
  • UX Improvements
  • New Widget Version Release
  • app.customerly.io optimized for mobile devices


  • April 24th, 2018 – 2.000 Users signups


If you think we should work on something in particular, just write it into the comment below and we will think about it.

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