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Customerly Live Chat: Lead Profiling

Hello, my friend! Today we have released a new version of our Live Chat. Now you can profile better your leads that come through the chat. We introduced other minor features that improve the Live Chat performance and graphic.

Live Chat Lead Profiling

From now on every Lead that came from the Live Chat could be profiled on what matters to you. In fact, you can create a new attribute to let them fill or just select an existing one.

The only thing you have to do to enable it is going to App Settings 👉 Profiling

From here as shown below you can enable the profiling function and choose the attributes you want to collect of your leads.


That’s it! This is the result. Just sit and wait for the information came in 💪🏻

Every time a new lead open a conversation with your customer service Customerly will send him a form to fill with its information. It’s so easy that you will be amazed.



New Live Chat Customizations

You asked we delivered. Some of you asked customized behavior for the Live Chat.

  • Hide the screenshot button
  • Hide the attachment button
  • Hide the widget when out of office
  • Hide the widget only on mobile

To discover more check the integrations guides into your app settings.

In Live Chat Video player integration (Youtube/Vimeo)

From now when you send a video to your users or leads the can play it directly into the Live Chat.

Live Chat Video Preview Player Youtube Vimeo










Hope you ❤ this new update as we do. Let us know If you do in a comment below. 


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