Count your promoters

Understand the love your customers have for your product and get feedback to grow your business .

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Businesses worldwide rely on Customerly including
TEDx uses Customerly Live Chat for their Customer support
Customerly Customer NPS Customer Feedback System Customer Satisfaction Net Promote Score

Ask them via Email

Decide to whom you want to send your NPS survey to, and we will take care of the rest for you.

  • Select an audience
  • Choose a daily and hourly window to send
  • Gather feedback automatically
  • Ask additional feedback after the vote
  • Understand your product word of mouth
Live Chat software Ninjalitics feedback review
We improved our platform by getting immediate feedback from our customers
Yari, CEO @ Ninjalitics

Analyze your product feedback

Discover how the NPS is changing in time, filter the results and truly understand your customers' feedback

  • A complete dashboard to have a quick look
  • Read the last votes
  • Filter votes with different audiences
  • Filter votes on Promoters, Passive or Detractors
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