App Settings

How to show your office hours in Live Chat

When a lead or user use the Live Chat we show them automatically if you’re out of office, otherwise, we automatically reply with how much it takes to you to reply back to them. To set up your office hours: Go to App Settings Go to Live Chat Settings From here add your office hours […]

How to hide Live Chat when you are out of office

If you want to hide from your website the Live Chat bubble when you are out of office you can┬ádo it easily. First of all, you need to set up your office hours for your Live Chat. Go to App Settings Go to Live Chat Settings Uncheck “Show Live Chat when you are not in […]

How to profile your Leads automatically

If you want to profile automatically your leads or collect more information about your users or leads there is a way to do it in Customerly. It’s easy and we will take care of everything. Go to App Settings Go to Profiling   From here: Enable Profiling Add maximum 3 attributes that you want to […]

How to add welcome message in Live Chat

Welcome your visitors on your website is the most important part to acquire more leads and say hello to your users too will bring you great results as well. So let’s add a welcome message to your live chat. Once done, this below is what a welcome message actually is. Create your own welcome message […]

How to hide a teammate from public

If you want to hide a specific teammate from your Live Chat widget you can do it on your settings. Let’s do it together. Go to App Settings Go to Teammates Select Hidden on the teammate you want to hide publicly

How to automatically reply to conversation when user is offline

As a Live Chat, Customerly is the best way to help your customers and manage your help desk. But what if the person goes offline while you are writing? Continue writing and send, we will take care of delivering your message if the user will come back online or we deliver your message by email […]

Invite collaborators

Would you share your Customerly app with some of your collaborators? Great! Let’s do it together. Select App Settings by clicking on your top right profile image. On the left menu, click on Teammates, then click Invite. Insert your collaborator email and choose permission of this new account. When you invite with restricted access the […]