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How to track UTMs and Referrer of your visitors

In order to track your visitors UTMs and Referrer you don’t have to do anything. We will handle for you automatically the referrer and UTM information. You can find this information on the right sidebar in the conversation section.

How to send chat transcript

Do you want to send a chat transcript to your customers? No problem. Now you can with Customerly. From the right sidebar choose more ▶️ Send a transcript to. That’s it! Enjoy  

How to install Customerly Live Chat with Javascript

Installing Customerly Live Chat is very easy and do not require any coding experience. Our script works out of the box with the majority of websites. If you have a WordPress website you can check our guide on how to install Customerly Live Chat on WordPress. Let’s proceed with the Javascript integration. First of all, […]

How to install Customerly Live Chat on WordPress

Are you searching for a great Live Chat to install on your WordPress website? We’ve got you covered! Let’s start to install the Customerly Live Chat plugin First of all, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins -> Add New. Search “Customerly” in the keyword search on top right Click Install now. Once installed […]

Assign conversation to multiple teammates

Is it possible to notify all teammates if a conversation has started? Yes, it is. And it’s simple. You need to assign the incoming conversations to a team shared with all your teammates. When a conversation is started normally will be assigned automatically to the first teammate that has created the app. To change this […]