Getting Started

How to run your NPS campaign

To enable an NPS campaign with Customerly is so easy. If you don’t have an account please get one here, if you have one, proceed with the first step 🤓 Visit your NPS section inside your Dashboard and click on Define your audience Here you can define your audience to send your NPS emails to. We will […]

How to populate Customerly with your data

In order to populate Customerly with your data to deliver an email campaign or to build an automation, you have several choices to start from. The easiest method to populate and update user data into Customerly is by integrating the live chat script with the attributes fetching. Connect with our API your backend. Create a […]

How to open chat with click on button

If you want to hide the live chat widget of Customerly and show it when someone presses a button on your website this is the guide for you. To hide your live chat widget by default please include in your integration code the widget_visible: false like this: <!– Customerly Integration Code –> <script> window.customerlySettings = […]

How to create Tag

If you want to add a tag to your leads or users you have two ways to achieve it. In the conversation page on the right side, select Tag and write down your first tag and press enter. That’s it. You can add a tag with our API. To doing so check out our guide […]

How to get my App ID?

An App ID is your Application Identifier for your website. We require an App ID to properly identify your Live Chat widget on your website. You must have an account to get an App ID, if you don’t have an account yet, check this article. Once you have an account you can find your App […]

How to get a Customerly Free Account?

If you don’t have a Customerly account, you can start now and activate your free account to improve your customer support, automate your messages and collect feedback. Let’s start! First of all, go to the Registration page and Signup with Google (suggested option) or insert your business email and click proceed button. Welcome to Customerly. Let’s […]

Import list of existing contacts

To import your existing contacts list on Customerly to use them for your email marketing campaigns or automations it’s really easy. First of all select on the top right menu -> Import users From here choose how do you want to import: Copy and paste or CSV/XML upload. Once you have pressed on next, you […]

Build your custom audience

Defining an audience or segment is the most important part of every marketing campaign. The more specific and targeted is your message the more effective will be. This is why we offer a killer audience creation system. With Customerly you can create audiences based on infinite possibilities. The only limit is your creativity. Let’s take […]

Create a new team

Create a new team to share different conversations with your teammates. For example, if you have an accounting team, a developers team or a sales team, you can create all of them, assign automatically incoming conversations by using Smart Assignment Rules. So how do I create a new team? First of all, you should have […]

Assign conversation to multiple teammates

Is it possible to notify all teammates if a conversation has started? Yes, it is. And it’s simple. You need to assign the incoming conversations to a team shared with all your teammates. When a conversation is started normally will be assigned automatically to the first teammate that has created the app. To change this […]