What is an Attribute?

We use attributes in Customerly to you let you save important data from your customers and create custom segments based on that data.

When using an Attribute?

We do have static, unmodifiable attributes that are created and updated automatically by Customerly Live Chat Plugin like:

  • First Seen At
  • Last Activity
  • Last Page Viewed
  • Last Page Viewed At
  • OS
  • Region
  • City
  • Country
  • Timezone
  • Browser Language

In addition to those fields, you can add also your own custom data.

An attribute is made of two basic data: name and value.

The name should be without spaces and special characters.

For example, you can save the following data as a custom attribute

birthday = “28 Apr 1989”

age = 29

Now that you know how an attribute works, let’s save data from your customers via API or Live Chat integration.