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Start using a self-service help center tool and focus on your growth

Customerly Customer Support Live Chat Intercom Alternatives
Businesses worldwide rely on Customerly including
TEDx uses Customerly Live Chat for their Customer support
Live Chat Customer Support
Help Center software editor how to set up

A powerful editor for your dynamic content

No matter if you want to share videos, codes, text or cat GIFs...You can do it.

  • Youtube, Vimeo and HTML Video players supported
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Emoji support
  • HTML Editor
Live Chat software Ninjalitics feedback review
We improved our platform by getting immediate feedback from our customers
Yari, CEO @Ninjalitics

Understand how to improve your knowledge base

Help Center Insights will give you an overview on which are the most important articles to focus on

  • Failed Searches list
  • Trending articles
  • Total views for each article
  • Knowledge base views per day, week, month
  • Reactions for each article
Help Center software Stats
Help Center software customize look and feel

Customize look and feel

Match your brand requirements by customizing the color, logo and domain

  • Use your own domain
  • Upload your logo
  • Change the Favicon
  • Match your color
  • Add your social links
  • Customize footer URLs