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Put your data at work

The heart of every business is customers data.

Collect data effortless and use it to create useful audiences for your next marketing campaigns, automation or survey.

Turns your data into results

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Let's automate

The Smart Engine to automate your business.

Organize the perfect series of actions based on your goals, choose an audience, split them in branches based on your conditions, and deliver the messages you want.

Less work, more growth.

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Define an audience based on your customer data or their behaviour. Every user that match these conditions will enter in this automation


Compose exquisite campaigns to deliver to your users.

Craft them with the template builder, and we will launch it at the right time.
Possibilities of communication are endless with all the data you have in Customerly.


You have the option to decide after a certain time or condition to move out your users from this automation.

Just drive them into a Leave node.


This magic node lets your users wait until your chosen condition is satisfied.
Otherwise, you can decide how much time they should wait to continue on the other branch.

Customer serivice Live Chat Support

No more contact pain

Have you ever been stuck on a website to find the customer support? We too.

Add our widget on your pages and customers will thank you.

Let’s stop that pain on your website.

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Email Marketing Newsletter Template Builder

Deliver beautiful campaigns

Create and deliver messages that engage at the right time. Pick an audience and create a message with an easy-to-use template builder.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys online tool

In-App surveys

Compose your questions and choose your audience. Thanks to Customerly's widget you will have results in a blink of an eye.

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Customer Satisfaction NPS Net Promote Score

Measure customer satisfaction

Understand what makes your customers satisfied and focus on what they suggest. Use our innovative system to collect feedbacks easily.

Discover Customer Satisfaction

60 seconds to setup

Just 3 lines of code and few more to send custom data such as name, e-mail, subscription plan and whatever you want to track and you're done!

window.customerlySettings = {
    app_id: "00123abc",
    name: "Matteo Martinelli",
    email: "",
    user_id: 123,
    attributes: {
        subscription_plan: 2
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