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Customer Support Live Chat

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12 months - UP to 10.000 Contacts
Features Included
  • Unlimited Conversations
  • Unlimited Teammates
  • Mobile App Included
  • Lead Acquisition
  • Video Call
  • Screen Sharing
  • Screenshots Sharing
30 days free trial
No Credit Card Required

Survey & Satisfaction

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12 months - UP to 10.000 Contacts
Features Included
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Deliver survey by widget
  • Instant Surveys Replies
  • Customers Satisfaction Feedback
  • Monitor Feedback during time
  • Monitor Feedback based on Segment
30 days free trial
No Credit Card Required

All Inclusive
Starter Pack

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Forever UP to 500 contacts
Features Included
  • All the features included into Customer Support Live Chat
  • All the features included into Survey & Satisfaction
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Our customers reviews

Why our customers have chosen Customerly

John R.

Always available when assistance is needed (and quick answers). Very interesting and complete features to manage live chat (both customers and companies) and email campaigns. Graphics are nice too (that\s important too, isn't it?). Good job!


A new project, but already useful for integration with third party software.


I find it really useful and complete with many features! Friendly team and quick assistance. It doesn't slow down the loading of the website, unlike other live chats that I've tried. I highly recommend it, it's useful both for me and for my customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use more Customerly features at the same time?

Of course! Customerly is perfect when all of its features are active. Choose which services work best for you. You can also enable them at a later stage. Activate the ones you need right away and try out the others later on, without any commitments.

How do I integrate Customerly?

You can integrate Customerly on your website with a simple plugin or Javascript code. You can use the plugin for wordpress and other platforms. You can find the Customerly SDKs for your apps on iOS and Android . We support the vast majority of platforms. No need to worry. If you need any help with the integration, you can also contact us. We'll be happy to help, always

Is my customers' data safe?

Absolutely, it's in safe hands with us. We commit to keeping your customers' data safe and confidential. We will never give it away to third parties.

Can I manage more than one project?

Of course you can. Once you've created your account, you can manage as many applications as you want. Each with its own data, team mates, billing and tracking.

What happens if I reach more than 500 contacts?

The month after reaching the 500 contacts threshold, your app will be updated to the correct payment plan and you'll be able to continue to avail of all of the Customerly features.

What if I have over 10 000 contacts?

That won' be a problem. Contact us to get a customized offer based on what you need.

What payment methods are available?

To manage payments, we use the secure method by Stripe. We do not store any credit card information and for data protection we use the secure protocol HTTPS. All types of credit and debit cards are accepted.