Call tracking is a method used by businesses to identify where their phone leads are coming from by assigning unique numbers to different ad channels.


Call tracking is a method that allows businesses to identify and analyze where their phone leads are coming from. It involves assigning unique phone numbers to different advertising channels to monitor the volume of calls each channel is generating. This strategy is especially useful in measuring the effectiveness of offline and online marketing campaigns.

Usage and Context

Call tracking is widely used in various industries, especially in marketing and advertising. By using call tracking, businesses can track the source of the phone call, whether it's from a print ad, online ad, or a specific webpage. This information is crucial in determining which marketing efforts are driving the most calls and which ones need improvement. Call tracking can also capture valuable caller data like the caller's location, time of call, and call duration.


How does call tracking work?

Call tracking works by assigning unique phone numbers to different advertising channels. When a potential customer calls the number, the call tracking system can identify which channel the call came from and record the call data.

Why is call tracking important?

Call tracking is important because it provides valuable insights into your marketing efforts. It helps you understand which advertising channels are most effective in driving calls and allows you to optimize your marketing strategies accordingly.

Related Software

There are several call tracking software available in the market, such as CallRail, Marchex, Invoca, and DialogTech. These software provide various features like call recording, call scoring, keyword tracking, and more.


Call tracking offers several benefits. It helps businesses measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, optimize their advertising budget, and improve their customer service. Additionally, it provides valuable caller data that can be used to better understand customer behavior.


In conclusion, call tracking is a powerful tool that businesses can use to optimize their marketing strategies. It provides valuable insights into customer behavior and allows businesses to make data-driven decisions.

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  • startupgeeks
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