Journey Builder is a marketing tool that enables marketers to create personalized, automated customer journeys across various channels.


Journey Builder is a feature found in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud that allows marketers to design and automate campaigns that guide customers through a progression of personalized experiences or 'journeys'. These journeys can be based on customer behavior, preferences, data, and events in a cross-channel marketing strategy.

Usage and Context

Journey Builder is utilized to create a customized marketing strategy for individual customers. This tool can track customer behavior across various channels such as email, mobile, social, and web, allowing marketers to deliver targeted content based on this behavior. It can be used in various contexts, such as sending a welcome series to new subscribers, re-engaging inactive customers, or following up on abandoned shopping carts.


What is Journey Builder used for?

Journey Builder is used to create personalized, automated customer journeys that guide customers through a sequence of experiences tailored to their unique behaviors and preferences.

How does Journey Builder work?

Journey Builder works by allowing marketers to design customer journeys based on triggers and actions. When a customer meets a specific trigger, such as signing up for a newsletter or abandoning a shopping cart, Journey Builder initiates the corresponding action, such as sending a welcome email or a reminder email.

Related Software

Other related software includes Adobe Experience Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and HubSpot Marketing Hub, which also offer tools for creating personalized customer journeys.


Journey Builder provides several benefits. It allows marketers to automate the delivery of consistent, personalized content across channels, which can lead to increased customer engagement and loyalty. It also provides actionable insights based on customer behavior, helping marketers to continually optimize their strategies.


In conclusion, Journey Builder is a powerful tool for creating personalized, automated customer journeys. It allows marketers to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time, resulting in more effective marketing campaigns and improved customer relationships.

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