Retargeting Automation is a digital marketing strategy that uses automated tools to re-engage potential customers who have previously interacted with a brand's online content.


Retargeting Automation refers to the use of automated tools and technologies to re-engage with potential customers who have previously interacted with a brand's online content, but did not convert or make a purchase. It involves the use of cookies to track user behavior and to display personalized ads to them when they visit other sites.

Usage and Context

In the digital marketing landscape, Retargeting Automation is used to boost sales and increase customer retention. It is particularly effective in e-commerce, where it can help to reduce cart abandonment rates and encourage repeat purchases. It works by collecting data on user behavior, such as pages visited, items viewed, and time spent on site. This data is then used to create personalized ads that are displayed to the user when they visit other sites. This keeps the brand at the top of the customer's mind, increasing the likelihood of a return visit and a conversion.


What is the difference between retargeting and remarketing?

Both terms are often used interchangeably, but they do have subtle differences. Retargeting typically refers to online ads served to users based on their past web activity, while remarketing usually refers to re-engaging customers with email.

How does retargeting automation work?

It works by placing a pixel or a cookie on your website. When a visitor comes to your site, the cookie is placed on their browser. This allows the retargeting platform to follow that user around the Internet and serve them ads based on their browsing behavior.

Related Software

Some popular software that enables retargeting automation includes AdRoll, Criteo, and ReTargeter. These platforms offer a range of features that make it easy to set up and manage retargeting campaigns.


Retargeting Automation offers several benefits. It allows brands to stay connected with their audience, even after they leave the website. It helps to increase brand awareness and recall, and can significantly boost conversion rates. It also offers a high return on investment, as it targets users who are already familiar with the brand and are therefore more likely to convert.


In conclusion, Retargeting Automation is a powerful tool for digital marketers. It allows brands to re-engage with potential customers, increase brand awareness, and boost conversion rates. With the right strategy and tools, it can deliver significant results and help to drive business growth.

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  • njlitics
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  • startupgeeks
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