The $1,000,000 fund to grow your early-stage startup ๐Ÿฆ„

Handpicked startups get Customerly Pro features with up to 100% of discount for a year


Benefits of the startup fund

Get one2one Strategic calls

We will help you grow with tools and guidance tailored to your startup. They usually cost thousands of Euros. For you itโ€™s free

Save and invest while you grow

We know what it means to bootstrap a company and we love to help your startup to grow while you save money and invest them to grow your company

1 Year assistance

Early and exclusive access to materials to learn the best practices to implement in your marketing and customer service strategies

Are you a good fit?

We have a few basic requirements, of course, we will also seek passion during our call

< 1M

dollars funded

< 2

years old

< 5

people in the team

< 5000


How we are helping hundreds of startups?

Support Early Adopters

The best thing you can do to grow is to support your first customers using your integrated Live Chat Suite

Marketing Automation

We help you build the marketing automation your startup needs in the early stage

Create Help Center

Save 50% of customer service time by providing a self help solution


Have got a product release? Exciting times! Weโ€™ll help you to spread the word with our newsletter tools


Fully understand your customers' willingness to share your brand with their friends or colleagues

In-app Surveys

Run surveys directly in your app. Gather feedback from your user base immediately and understand your customers

This is how our startup process works

The Startup Program is dedicated to those who love creating great experiences for people through their ideas. We help only the most promising founders.



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Francesca, Head of Customer Service

Thanks to Customerly and our customer success we increased our ARPU of 39%

Francesca, Head of Customer Service @ Fatture In Cloud

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Some of the businesses that choose Customerly
  • appinstitute
  • epayco
  • cookie-script
  • nibol
  • paykickstart
  • njlitics
  • paymo
  • startupgeeks
  • tweethunter
  • tedx
  • appinstitute
  • epayco
  • cookie-script
  • nibol
  • paykickstart
  • njlitics
  • paymo
  • startupgeeks
  • tweethunter
  • tedx