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Fatture In Cloud increases customer retention with faster customer service through Customerly

Fatture In Cloud
Fatture in Cloud is the leader invoicing software in Italy with 500.000 customers. They are one of the most successful Italian startup.
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Company Size
Increasing Customer Success Team availability for more than 500,000 customers.
Introducing Customerly to offer quick service to multiple customers at a time.
Increased customer retention through improved customer service.
"Thanks to the effectiveness of Customerly and our customer success we increased our ARPU of 39%"
FrancescaHead of Customer Success @ Fatture In Cloud
How would you describe Fatture in Cloud?

Fatture in Cloud is the leading platform in the Italian Market to handle your invoices.

Why did you choose us over Intercom?

When we switched from Intercom back in 2015, we were searching for a fairer pricing model to accomodate our SaaS user growth. This is Why Customerly is the best intercom alternatives.

What are the benefits to use Customerly?

Live chat is fantastic because we can answer immediately to every visitor interested in our services.

We have created a Prospect team and a smart assignment rule that assign automatically every new conversation coming from the landing pages.

We also have instructed the customer support team that these messages must be a high priority.

Average Revenue per User
Perception of value?

Having a Live Chat on our website has helped a lot our brand to establish trust to all our visitors. We believe that the live chat has added incredible value to our proposition.

People love Fatture in Cloud because of its instant customer service ready to help them.

"I do believe that every company must have a proper live chat customer service to boost their sales as we did"
DanieleCEO @ Fatture In Cloud

Automated message to engage customers and convert leads

We have created several automations that work for us to nurture, engage and recover customers.

To nurture our incoming leads we use the Customerly automation to deliver automated emails once per week on how to become a successful freelancer. We have created a series of 12 emails after the magnet (eBook of the freelancer) to nurture them.

To engage our customers we deliver a series of in-app related messages based on their behaviours.

To recover customers we deliver thanks to the automation an email with a survey to understand what is not working for them.

Thanks to the automations we have a higher engagement that mean more interaction that brings more conversions into paying customers.

Open rate

How important is to understand your customers' needs?

To me is the most important thing for every successful business. For this matter, Customerly is a must have.

In fact, thanks to the integrated surveys we can deliver in-app surveys to a specific audience and have answers in a blink of an eye.

We run about 15 surveys per year and we take advantage of the user segmentation to choose our delivery audience.

Survey Answer Rate

What was your reply rate before Customerly?

We couldn'y even track it. Now we have thousands of answers in few hours. I was astonished when I saw the reply rate to 45%.

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