How to build great customer service experiences

If you don't know where to start to build your customer support team, Mark has created an amazing team and experience for their customers at PayKickStart.

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Luca Micheli
Luca MicheliCEO @ Customerly
21 min
Customer Service

How to build great customer service experiences

Are you curious about how to build an effective Customer service Team, or how to onboard new customer support reps, and where to find them?

Table of content

✅ Create a customer service team aligned to the mission
✅ Hire a customer service team?
✅ Find the right people for your customer support team
✅ Onboard new customer service reps?
✅ Passionate about the product
✅ What's your process when someone reports a bug
✅ How to handle downgrade or cancellation requests
✅ How often do you upgrade the knowledge base
✅ Do you have internal documentation?
✅ Resources to handle customer service
✅ Customer feedback to improve product
✅ Additional Resources

Which are the best practices to handle SaaS customer service?

How to create a knowledge base that grows with you.

How would you handle downgrade or cancellation requests?

In this interview with Mark Thompson CEO and co-founder at PayKickstart and Jordan, we are going to discover their best practices.

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