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Website Survey Questions:10 Questions to Unlock Customers’ Deepest Wants

Luca MicheliJul 18, 2023
Website Survey Questions:10 Questions to Unlock Customers’ Deepest Wants

Website survey questions are questions you create for your customers to get feedback on your product and services. The results of website survey questions tell you more about who your customers are, their needs, and how to satisfy them.

This information will help you to create more products that will solve their problems. It will help you to know the features you should add to your product. Although there are several ways you can get customers’ feedback such as blog comments, social media comments, product reviews, and emails, website survey questions prove to be the best.

Website survey questions can be an essential tool for gathering user information but to get great results, you need to ask the right questions.

Below are 10 website survey questions you can use to unlock your customer’s deepest wants.

How exactly did you first find out about us?

The first website survey question you would want to ask your customers or users is to know where they first heard about you. This question helps you to warm them up for the next set of questions. The response will show you the most effective marketing channel that is bringing in most traffic to your website. This will enable you to know which marketing channel to concentrate your marketing efforts. The truth is, you can get this information from Google Analytics, but it will fail to tell you how the direct traffic gets to your website.

Did you find what you were looking for on this page?

Visitors to your website will come through different channels, such as the search engines, social media channels or referral. Obviously, their quest for information led them to your website. Asking this website survey question will help you to know if your content page satisfies their needs. You can find out the specific thing they cannot find on your page so that subsequently, you create content that will meet your audience’s needs.

What was the concern that almost stopped you from purchasing?

This is the website survey question you ask after a customer has made a purchase. It is called a post-purchase survey. It should be on the thank you page or the first page the customers see after signing up to your product or after making purchases. This question will prompt answers that will tell you more about your customers’ objections that almost stopped them from purchasing. This can be the payment options offered, shipping rate, slow website loading speed, etc. This information will help you to focus on fixing these problems so that subsequent customers will find it easy to make purchase decisions.

Why did you make the purchase?

This website survey question will tell you what your customers think about your product or services. You need to know the reasons people spend their money on your product. What makes them think your product or service will solve their problem? It may not be what you think. For instance, some can buy your product to save money, to be secure and to show off or feel important.

Robert W. Bly said, “Once you understand what makes people buy things, you know how to sell – and how to write copy”.  This information will give you insight into your customer’s mind and it will be easy to optimize your marketing process such as the ads, website copy, and store layout to ensure that your prospects buy from you.

Why will you recommend us to a friend or colleague?

The willingness of your customer to recommend your product or service to friends and colleagues is very important. If they are readily willing to recommend your product, it shows they are having a great experience with it and they will like other people close to them to also experience it. This is called word-of-mouth marketing. It is a free strategy to promote your product because 95% of customers believe the suggestions from friends and family more than they do advertising.

A tool you can use to create the survey and measure the feedback is known as the Net Promoter Score. It will readily tell you your product’s popularity and your customers’ willingness to recommend your products to friends or colleagues.

What feature did you find important in our product?

As a business owner, you probably think all your features are important to your customers, but it will shock you to know that some of the features may not be needed. Maybe it is only one feature they find useful and it is making them buy your product. Asking this website survey question will help you to know the relevant features in your product and to concentrate on it. You will know the features customers value most and invest in it to improve it. These are the features that can increase customers’ satisfaction in your product.

What features or products would you like us to add in the near future?

Customers buy products because of the need they can satisfy. Asking this website survey question will help you to know what features will better benefit your customers. It will surprise you to know that you will receive lots of suggestions on different features you should add to your product. You don’t have to accept all, but carefully consider them and filter out the irrelevant feature requests. You need to ensure that the new feature ideas will help to serve your customer better before accepting them. The truth is, you did not create your product to do everything, but it must excel at doing one or two things well. Ensure that the product feature requests fit in with your product primary objectives.

If you could change one thing about our product, what would it be?

Knowing what your customer will change about your product will help you to know more about their pain points. You will know the problems they are hoping to solve with your product. You may not add all the features, but listening to the voice of your customers shows them you care about their opinions. Keep all the suggested change for the future, surely you will need it one day for market research. 

What are the options you consider before choosing our product?

This website survey question is important because the response will help you to know your competitors. Your competitors may not necessarily be the ones you see on Google when you search, they may be a completely different set of companies you might not even know exists. Your customers are the ones that can best tell you whom and where they go to when they were making purchasing decisions before they eventually settled with your product.

What else would you like to tell us?

This is the time to allow your customers to open up and tell you more about your products. It comes last because you want to know more about their perception. Maybe you’ve not touched the core with the other questions, this opportunity will encourage them to tell you much more.

Website survey question tool

To ask the website survey questions enumerated above, you need a tool.

Customerly provides a series of survey templates you can start using today.


Above are 10 website survey questions you can ask your customers that will help you to know their deepest wants. Have you used the website survey questions on your website before? What was the result? Share with us in the comment section below.

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