B2B or Business to Business refers to transactions and communications between businesses, such as between a supplier and a retailer.


B2B, or Business-to-Business, refers to a type of commerce transaction that is between businesses, such as a supplier and a retailer, or a wholesaler and a vendor. This is contrasting to Business-to-Consumer (B2C) where businesses sell products or services directly to the end consumer.

Usage and Context

The term B2B is widely used in the business and marketing world to describe transactions and communications between businesses. These transactions can involve various activities, such as the purchase of supplies or services, licensing of software, or leasing of equipment.


What is an example of a B2B company?

An example of a B2B company is a manufacturing company selling parts to a car company.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

The main difference between B2B and B2C is the target audience. While B2B focuses on selling to other businesses, B2C focuses on selling to the end consumer.

Related Software

There are various software tools designed to facilitate B2B transactions, including CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and supply chain management software.


B2B transactions often involve higher order values and longer sales cycles. However, they can also lead to long-term relationships and steady income streams.


In conclusion, B2B is a vital part of many businesses' operations and strategies, offering numerous benefits and opportunities for growth.

Related Terms

B2C (Business to Consumer)

B2C, or Business to Consumer, is a business model where businesses sell products or services directly to individual consumers.

B2C Marketing

B2C Marketing refers to strategies used by companies to promote their products and services to individual consumers. It involves various advertising efforts to drive consumers to products and convert them into customers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Explaining CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a strategy for managing a company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

CRM Analyst

A CRM Analyst is a professional who uses data analysis to improve a company's relationships with its customers, focusing on customer retention and sales growth.

CRM Director

A CRM Director is a leadership role responsible for managing customer relationship strategies, enhancing customer satisfaction and leveraging CRM software.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration is the process of connecting your CRM software with other systems to streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and enhance customer service.

CRM Manager

A CRM Manager is a professional responsible for managing a company's interactions with its customers using CRM software.

CRM Software

CRM Software is a tool that helps businesses manage customer interactions and data, improve customer relationships, and drive sales growth.

CRM Specialist

A CRM Specialist manages a company's interactions with customers using CRM systems to enhance relationships, retain customers, and drive sales growth.

CRM Strategist

A CRM Strategist is a professional who uses CRM systems to manage a company's interaction with its customers and potential customers to drive business growth.


E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. It includes the transfer of money and data to facilitate these transactions.

E-commerce Automation Specialist

An E-commerce Automation Specialist is a professional who uses technology to automate repetitive tasks within an e-commerce business, boosting efficiency and profitability.

E-commerce Marketing Analyst

An E-commerce Marketing Analyst is a professional who analyzes data to enhance a company's e-commerce performance.

E-commerce Marketing Manager

An E-commerce Marketing Manager is a professional who manages the online marketing strategies of a business, enhancing its brand awareness, driving traffic, and acquiring leads.

E-commerce Marketing Specialist

An E-commerce Marketing Specialist is a professional who uses digital marketing strategies to increase online sales.

E-commerce Marketing Strategist

An E-commerce Marketing Strategist is a professional who develops marketing strategies to promote an online business or e-commerce platform.

Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM is a software that helps real estate professionals manage customer interactions, track leads, and execute marketing campaigns.

SCRM (Social Customer Relationship Management)

SCRM is a strategy that integrates social media services into traditional CRM processes to engage with customers on a more personal level.
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  • appinstitute
  • epayco
  • cookie-script
  • nibol
  • paykickstart
  • njlitics
  • paymo
  • startupgeeks
  • tweethunter
  • tedx