Behavioral marketing is a method that collects and analyzes customers' online behavior to tailor marketing initiatives and advertisements.


Behavioral marketing is a method of marketing that involves the collection and analysis of customer's behavior on the internet, including their browsing history, app usage, and other online activities. This data is then used to tailor marketing initiatives and advertisements to the individual's unique preferences and habits. It's a way of understanding what the customer wants and needs by observing their online actions.

Usage and Context

In the digital age, behavioral marketing is widely used across various industries. E-commerce sites, for instance, utilize behavioral marketing to recommend products based on previous purchases or viewed items. Social media platforms use it to curate content and ads based on user interactions. Even news and entertainment websites use behavioral marketing to suggest articles or shows based on what the user has previously read or watched.


What are the methods of behavioral marketing?

Behavioral marketing primarily uses tracking cookies to gather data. Other methods include the use of web analytics, browser fingerprinting, and IP address tracking.

Is behavioral marketing effective?

Yes, behavioral marketing is effective because it enables marketers to tailor their messages to the individual's specific interests and needs, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Related Software

Software like Google Analytics, Marketo, and HubSpot are commonly used in behavioral marketing for data collection and analysis.


Behavioral marketing offers numerous benefits such as improved customer engagement, increased conversion rates, and higher customer retention. It allows for more personalized marketing, which can lead to better customer satisfaction and loyalty.


In conclusion, behavioral marketing is a powerful tool in the digital age. By understanding and responding to customer behavior, businesses can deliver more personalized, relevant, and effective marketing campaigns.

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