Click bait is a digital marketing strategy used to entice users to click on a link, typically through intriguing or sensationalist headlines or thumbnails.


Click bait is a term used in internet marketing and digital content creation. It refers to the practice of producing intriguing or sensationalist headlines, thumbnails, or promotional materials designed to entice users to click on a link to a specific web page, video, or other digital content. The main goal of click bait is to increase the number of clicks, and subsequently, the traffic to a particular website or webpage.

Usage and Context

Click bait is widely used in online journalism, blogging, and social media platforms. The strategy behind click bait is to create a curiosity gap, where the headline or thumbnail provides just enough information to make the reader curious, but leaves out enough information to compel them to click and view the content. While click bait can be effective in increasing website traffic, it often leads to user dissatisfaction if the content does not deliver on the promise of the headline.


What are the examples of click bait?

Click bait examples can range from sensational headlines like 'You Won't Believe What Happened Next...' to misleading thumbnails that promise content that is not delivered.

Is click bait good or bad?

The morality of click bait is subjective. While it can be an effective marketing tool, it can lead to user dissatisfaction if the content does not deliver on the promise of the headline.

Related Software

Software like Buzzsumo, CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer, and Sharethrough can be used to create effective click bait titles.


The primary benefit of click bait is increased website traffic, which can lead to higher advertisement revenue. It can also increase the visibility and reach of online content.


While click bait can be a powerful tool for increasing website traffic and visibility, it's important for content creators to balance intrigue with honesty to ensure they deliver on their promises and maintain user satisfaction.

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