VRM (Vendor Relationship Management)

VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) is a business strategy that empowers consumers to manage their relationships with vendors.


Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) is a business strategy that empowers consumers to take control of their relationships with suppliers or vendors. It's a paradigm shift from the traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach where businesses control the relationship. VRM involves using tools, technologies, and practices to foster better interactions between consumers and vendors.

Usage and Context

In an era where customer is king, VRM has gained immense significance. It's used across various industries such as retail, IT, healthcare, and more. VRM tools are used to manage consumer data, facilitate communication, and foster a symbiotic relationship between vendors and consumers. It's a win-win strategy where consumers get the best value for their money, and vendors get loyal customers.


What is the purpose of VRM?

The purpose of VRM is to empower consumers, giving them a voice in their relationships with vendors. It enables consumers to manage their data, customize their interactions, and get the best deals.

How does VRM differ from CRM?

While CRM is vendor-centric, VRM is consumer-centric. CRM focuses on managing customers from the vendor's perspective, while VRM is about managing vendors from the consumer's perspective.

Related Software

Several software tools facilitate VRM, including VRM Hub, Pega, and MyWave. These tools help manage consumer data, facilitate communication, and foster a better relationship between vendors and consumers.


VRM offers numerous benefits. It fosters a better relationship between vendors and consumers, ensures better deals for consumers, and encourages vendor accountability. It also empowers consumers, giving them control over their data and interactions.


In summary, VRM is a revolutionary business strategy that puts consumers in the driver's seat. It's a shift from the traditional CRM approach, offering numerous benefits for consumers and vendors alike.

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