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How to use Live Chat Software for Website Conversion

Luca MicheliSep 19, 2023
How to use Live Chat Software for Website Conversion

Are you searching for ways to increase your website conversion? Have you tried using different methods with little to no results?

The truth is: You are not alone.

Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. What if I tell you that a live chat software can help you skyrocket your website conversion?

Ok, you don’t believe me. Let’s check it out.

The average conversation rate is pegged at 2.35%. But the top 10% of companies are seeing 3-5x higher conversion rates than average.

But, with a live chat software, you can get more conversions.

A study by ICMI revealed that live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate.

Live chat software

Convinced now?

No doubt.

The question now is: How do you use live chat software to increase your website conversion.

Below are ways to increase your website conversion using a live chat software.

1. Live chat software:  Create a friendly greeting

Imagine you walked into store A to purchase a pair of shoes.

As you looked around, no one seemed to notice you; they were all busy doing their thing. You searched for your favorite color and size, but couldn’t find it.

As a result, you became tired, and you walked out. Moving on, you went to the next store B.

A sales attendant smiled at you and welcomed you. She asked you what you wanted to buy and led you to where to get it. She helped to search for the color and the size; you took them, paid, and left the store.

What does it mean for your business?

The scenario that played out at store B is the ideal thing to do on your website, that is, if you don’t want to lose sales.

The first thing to do when a visitor is on your website is to welcome them warmly. So, create a warm welcome message through your live chat software and show it to them when they arrive. 

How you welcome your website visitors through live chat software impacts your customers’ experience. Therefore, create a friendly and warm greeting to set the tone for a positive customer experience on your website.

The time frame of the greeting matters. You don’t expect me to wait for 20 minutes in your store before you greet and assist me. Likewise, you wouldn’t expect your visitors to wait for long before you greet them. Typically, a time frame of about 5 seconds of the time they arrive at your website is ideal for greeting them.

Check out Customerly, for instance; when a visitor lands on the home page, a live chat message appears within a few seconds to welcome them with the message below:

Introduce your team with your mission in your live chat

We introduce our mission and also offer to help.

If you use Customerly, it is easy to set it up, and there are various options you can also use. 

If you are not using Customerly yet, you can try it out for 14 days. The pricing thereafter is budget-friendly for all businesses. You can sign up here.

How to set up a welcome message in a live chat software

Now let’s set it up.

Use this template to welcome your visitors. It’s a 30s task.

Live chat message account profile picture
Nadia from Customerly
Are you new here? Just look around and I’ll be here in case you need help.
Reply to Nadia

Welcome first time visitors

Catch your first time visitors attention by welcoming them the right way

On the page, you can see two options for your welcome message. One for visitors and the second one for logged-in or registered users. Type in your welcome message and save the setting.

The message will be shown to website visitors within 5 seconds of arriving on your website.

To get your creative juice flowing, below are five epic examples you can copy and use on your live chat software.

  • Hi! Thank you for chatting! I’ve been expecting you!
  • Hi! Joan here. Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions. I love them!
  • Hello and welcome! Your problems – my problems
  • Hello! I am Maria, your customer support rep. You are in good hands now!
  • Hi! Thank you for chatting. This is Moore. I will take good care of you!

The second way you can get higher website conversion through your live chat software is to “profile your website visitors“.

2. Live chat software: Profile your website visitor

The next thing you can do to increase your website conversion using a live chat software is to profile your website visitor.

This will enable you to identify the right lead with the highest potential to convert based on the questions you ask. Most importantly, profiling gives insight into your prospect’s details, such as name, city or country.

Customerly allows you to profile your website visitors.

To set up visitors’ profile in Customerly, go to app settings and click on profiling.

Enable profiling and choose 3 attributes you want your prospects to fill in.

For instance, you can ask for the name, email address, and location.

You will create a description for each attribute to make it easy for your visitors to respond.

In the image above, for example, I created a description for the attributes “name” and “Email address”

On the other hand, don’t make it compulsory for users to fill. You can also allow anonymous users to use the live chat software. Although getting visitors to offer their details is difficult, it will amaze you to know customers are ready to give their data if they know the purpose.

When you get their email address, create a marketing automation campaign to follow them upright inside your Customerly dashboard. Not all Live chat software has this feature. It is a plus if you use Customerly.

The third way to increase your website conversion through your live chat software is to “create a detailed FAQ“.

3. Live chat software: Create a detailed FAQ

When someone visits your website, they are looking for answers to their questions. Therefore, you need to create a set of FAQs that provides answers to frequent or popular questions about your product or service. For example, you can put it in a document and keep it close to your live chat software so it will be fast to copy the answers when visitors ask similar questions.

Now, you need to be balanced here. Customers or visitors don’t always like canned answers from live chat software. It can turn them off. So, change up your ready-made answers before sending it to customers. Above all, add a human touch to it.

If the answer to their question is not found in the FAQ, you can ask to pass them to an agent who can solve it.

The fourth way you can increase your website conversion through your live chat software is to “Turn your chat box to a subtle ad copy“.

4. Live chat software: Turn your chat box to a subtle ad copy

Live chat software is known for communicating with visitors and prospective customers.

What about using it to increase conversion and, as a result, drive sales?

There is so much you can achieve with live chat software on your website. Why not use your live chat software to serve as a subtle ad pop-up?

This is not to encourage blatant advertising of your products on your live chat box. In other words, what you can do is to ask for how you can help them and then subtly add an ad copy. 

Check out Prymaxe, for example, and see how they did it below:

live chat software

They first offered to help and subsequently asked their prospects if they needed a deal? This is very subtle and effective.

The firth way you can increase your website conversion through your live chat software is to “Train your customer support“.

5. Use live chat software: Train your customer support

Having trained customer support can help you boost your website conversion tremendously, most importantly if they use live chat software. A study revealed that 77% of customers won’t make a purchase on a website if there’s no live chat option

A customer support team must help reduce the amount of email and phone tickets coming in and as a result, help solve customers’ problems. Live chat software is a great support system because it allows your team to quickly address customers’ concerns and questions without having to create a ticket. Customers prefer live chat compared to other channels.

This is why you need to train them. You need a team that knows your product or service well, so they can answer questions on it.

One way you can do this is to use your sales reps for your live chat system at the beginning. They know what customers want and as a result, they can help more than the support team. Allow your sales reps to handle the support questions for a few weeks at least. Consequently, they can document frequently asked questions and provide answers to it. Use the document to train your support team.


Live chat software is a tool that every online business that needs customer interaction should use.

As you can see above, it can increase your website conversion tremendously.

Therefore, if you want to start, sign up here to try out Customerly for 14 days and then upgrade after that.

Luca Micheli

Luca Micheli

CEO @ Customerly

Luca Micheli is a serial tech entrepreneur with one exited company and a passion for bootstrap digital projects. He's passionate about helping companies to succeed with marketing and business development tips.

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