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The Top Marketing Funnel Templates for Boosting Your Business Growth

Luca MicheliJul 15, 2023
The Top Marketing Funnel Templates for Boosting Your Business Growth

As a SaaS business owner, you know that attracting new customers and keeping them engaged is essential for growth. However, creating an effective plan that drives conversions can be challenging with so many marketing strategies and tools available. 

It is where marketing funnel templates come in.

Marketing funnel templates provide a blueprint for guiding potential customers through every stage of the buying process, from awareness to purchase. 

Using a template saves time, ensures consistency, and helps identify improvement areas. Still, with so many templates available, choosing the right one for your business can be overwhelming.

In this blog post, we will cover the essentials of marketing funnel templates, discuss their benefits and challenges, and explain how to optimize your marketing and sales funnels to improve your results.

We will also introduce Customerly, our powerful marketing automation tool that helps you streamline the process. 

Whether you want to increase website traffic, generate leads, or boost sales, Customerly has numerous marketing and sales funnel templates to suit your needs.

Let’s begin with some basic information.

What is a marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is a strategic framework that outlines the different stages potential customers go through before purchasing, guiding them toward becoming paying customers.

How does a marketing funnel differ from a sales funnel?

marketing funnel vs sales funnel

A marketing funnel generates awareness and interest in your product or service. In contrast, an effective sales funnel concentrates on converting leads into customers by guiding them through the buying process. 

The two are closely related and often overlap.

Eight stages of a successful marketing funnel

marketing funnel stages

A marketing funnel provides a structured approach to guide potential customers from initial awareness to becoming loyal brand advocates. 

Let’s explain how to optimize each stage to maximize your chances of success.

Stage 1: Awareness 

In the awareness stage, potential customers become aware of your brand’s existence. It can be through various marketing channels, such as social media, advertising, or search engines. Your goal is to create a solid first impression. Using effective social media scheduler can help you in maintaining consistency by scheduling in advance, which also saves your time.

Stage 2: Interest 

Once you’ve created awareness, the next stage is to generate interest. You must provide potential customers with valuable, informative content that resonates with their needs and pain points. You can create blog posts, videos, webinars, or other forms of educational content.

Stage 3: Consideration 

At this stage, potential customers consider your brand a possible solution to their problem or need. You must provide them with more in-depth information about your product or service, highlighting its unique selling points and benefits.

Stage 4: Intent 

In the intent stage, potential customers want to purchase your product or service. You can leverage tactics like lead magnets, free trials, or demos to encourage them to take action.

Stage 5: Evaluation 

In this stage, potential customers evaluate your product or service against other options in the market. You must provide them with social proof, reviews, testimonials, and other evidence to demonstrate your credibility and value.

Stage 6: Purchase 

At this stage, potential customers become paying customers. You must ensure the buying process is seamless, secure, and optimized for conversion.

Stage 7: Loyalty 

In the loyalty stage, you can build long-term customer relationships. 

You must provide exceptional customer service, personalized experiences, and ongoing value to encourage customers to stay loyal to your brand. 

You can also conduct Net Promoter Score (NPS) and CSAT surveys to evaluate customer sentiment.

Stage 8: Advocacy 

At this stage, your customers become your brand advocates. They promote your brand to others through word of mouth, social media, and other channels. 

You need to provide them with incentives, rewards, and recognition to encourage them to stay loyal advocates of your brand.

A successful marketing funnel requires careful planning and execution at each stage. Use these insights to optimize your marketing strategy and maximize your marketing and sales teams’ chances of success.

What are marketing funnel templates?

Customerly marketing funnel templates

Marketing funnel templates are pre-designed frameworks that map out the stages of a customer’s journey, from awareness to purchase, helping you optimize your marketing efforts.

Why should you use marketing funnel templates?

A pre-designed marketing funnel template saves you time and resources by providing an optimal structure for your marketing efforts instead of starting from scratch. 

The template outlines the various stages of the funnel, the goals and metrics for each step, and the strategies and tactics you can use to move customers from one stage to another.

Using a marketing funnel template, you can quickly identify areas where potential customers may drop off and address any issues preventing them from moving through the funnel. 

It helps you optimize the customer journey, increase the conversion rate, and drive more sales.

Five examples of SaaS marketing funnel templates

Let’s explore five examples of marketing funnel templates that are particularly useful for SaaS businesses.

  1. Free trial funnel drives sign-ups for a free trial or freemium product. It helps you guide potential customers through the process and encourage users to convert to a paid plan.
  2. The onboarding funnel helps new customers navigate the initial steps of using your product. It lets you create a positive customer experience and increase user engagement.
  3. Product demo funnel helps you showcase your product features and benefits, educate potential customers about the product, and increase the likelihood of a sale.
  4. Webinar funnel helps you promote webinars, generate leads, familiarize potential customers with your product and increase brand awareness.
  5. Referral funnel helps you encourage customers to refer their friends and family to your product, generate new leads, and decrease customer acquisition costs.

Other examples include free sales funnel templates, webinar sales funnel template, and cancellation sales funnel template more appropriate for sales reps.

Whatever your goals, marketing templates can improve your sales and marketing teams’ productivity and help you drive growth for your SaaS business.

Five benefits of marketing and sales funnel templates

benefits of marketing and sales funnel templates

Let’s explore the key benefits of using marketing funnel templates.

Increased efficiency

By using a pre-designed marketing funnel template, you don’t have to start from scratch but can instead focus on executing your strategy.

Increased lead generation 

You can effectively identify and target potential customers. Understanding your target audience and personalizing your marketing messages helps you attract more qualified leads.

More effective lead nurturing 

You can guide potential customers through buying, providing relevant and timely information at each stage. It increases the chances of conversion and improves the customer experience.

Improved customer retention

Marketing funnel templates are not just for new customers. You can also engage and retain existing customers by providing personalized content, offers, and incentives.

Increased sales and revenue

Optimizing your marketing efforts and improving customer retention can increase sales and revenue. It helps you identify areas where you can improve and implement changes that lead to increased conversions.

In today’s highly competitive SaaS landscape, marketing and sales funnel template is no longer optional but rather a necessity for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Five challenges with creating marketing and sales funnel template

marketing and sales funnel challenges

Let’s share some of the most common challenges you might face when creating these templates.

  1. Identifying the right customer journey stages: It requires a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and preferences, as well as their behavior and decision-making processes.
  2. Creating compelling content: You need to develop buyer personas. It includes prospective customers’ age, gender, job title, income, pain points, motivations, and goals. These personas provide a framework for developing content that speaks directly to the target audience’s needs and preferences, making the funnel more compelling.
  3. Budget constraints: Developing a comprehensive marketing and sales funnel requires resources, including time, money, and expertise. Limited budgets can make it challenging to create effective funnels and achieve desired results.
  4. Testing and optimization: Once you create them, you must continuously test and optimize marketing and sales funnel templates. It requires a systematic approach to testing and data analysis and the ability to make data-driven decisions.
  5. Technical implementation: It can be a significant challenge for businesses without the necessary resources and expertise. It includes data tracking and reporting, integration with CRM software, and ensuring the template is compatible with different devices and platforms.

As you can see, there are several obstacles you must overcome. Let’s discuss the best solution in the following sections.

What is marketing automation software?

marketing automation benefits

Marketing automation software helps you streamline marketing tasks and processes. You can automate lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns, track customer behavior, and deliver personalized user experiences. 

Customerly is our marketing automation tool that provides you with features like 

With our easy-to-use platform and powerful features, you can build a high-converting marketing funnel in no time. We help you streamline your marketing efforts, generate more leads, increase sales success and drive growth for your business. 

Plus, with our free trial, you can test out Customerly risk-free and see how it can benefit your business. 

How to build marketing funnels with Customerly

Customerly sales marketing funnel builder

Let’s cover all the steps you must take to build an effective marketing funnel with Customerly. 

What are workflows? 

The workflow feature allows you to send automated emails to engage and nurture your audience. 

Your customer data and behavior can trigger pre-defined actions in your workflow, which means there is no manual effort in maintaining contact with your existing and future connections and guiding them through your marketing funnel. 

How to set up a workflow?

You should define your goal and create an email template for this specific purpose. Next, you must filter your user base and create a list of contacts to determine your target customers.

Finally, you should decide what type of emails or chat messages to automate.

You can visit the Outbound section, select Workflows, and click Create workflow.

Customerly workflow feature

You can choose one of our pre-made workflows to speed up the process or design one from scratch.

How to include your audience?

After defining the template, the next step is to filter your audience. You can choose between all leads, all users, or all contacts and determine which user group to automatically include in the entry point of the workflow when they meet your pre-defined condition. 

Customerly audience segmentation

It ensures you target the right people, increasing engagement and conversions.

How to use the workflow builder?

Customerly workflow builder

The visual builder provides an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly and easily create workflows tailored to your business needs, including marketing and sales funnels.

When you first open the builder, you will see a central panel where you can design your workflow. It is where you can see all the steps in your marketing funnel, from entry to exit point.

On the right side of the panel, you will see all the available actions to create your workflow, organized into categories such as outbound, conditional, and contact data

Customerly marketing funnel builder

Outbound actions allow you to send messages or emails, while conditional actions enable you to create logic-based rules that control how your workflow progresses. Contact data actions allow you to modify and update customer data based on specific actions they take.

To build your workflow, drag and drop the appropriate actions from the right-hand panel into the center panel and connect them logically. 

You can save your workflow as a draft or publish it immediately.

To learn more about this feature, you can read our guides on how to create a workflow and how to publish a workflow.

Top marketing funnel templates you can use immediately with Customerly

Let’s explore five marketing funnel templates you can use immediately to increase your conversions.

Onboard new users 

The onboarding funnel template welcomes new users and helps them understand how to use your SaaS product. 

This template includes a series of SaaS onboarding emails that guide new users through your product’s key features and benefits, making it easier for them to get started. 

It can boost your customer onboarding, reduce churn and increase retention by ensuring you effectively onboard new users.

Check out also our list of onboarding software for SaaS we love the most.

Ask happy customers for reviews 

This template helps you gather positive reviews from satisfied customers. 

By sending automated emails to your happiest customers, you can ask them to leave a review on third-party review sites like G2 or Capterra. It helps you improve your online reputation and increase brand trust.

Understand where customers learn about your business

This template helps you gather information about where your customers first heard about your SaaS product. 

By sending a survey to your customers, you can ask them how they learned about your product and use that information to improve your marketing efforts. 

It helps you optimize your marketing spend and focus on the most effective channels.

Ask for app reviews 

This template is similar to the happy customer review template but is specifically designed for mobile apps. 

You can ask your most satisfied users to leave a review on the app store by sending automated in-app messages. It helps you improve your app’s rating and increase downloads.

Recover churned customers 

The churn recovery template helps you win back customers who have canceled their subscriptions. 

By sending automated emails offering discounts or other incentives, you can entice these customers to return to your product. It helps you reduce churn and increase revenue.

Sign up for Customerly to use these five templates and quickly implement effective marketing funnels to acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and grow your SaaS business.

Tips for optimizing sales and marketing funnels to improve your results

optimizing sales and marketing funnels

Creating a sales and marketing funnel is only the beginning. You must continuously optimize and refine your marketing efforts to achieve maximum results. 

Here are seven tips to improve your performance.

  1. Define your buyer personas and target audience: Define your buyer personas by researching and analyzing customer data, demographics, and psychographics. It will help you tailor your marketing messaging and content to meet your customers’ needs.
  2. Identify your unique value proposition: Your unique value proposition (UVP) sets you apart from your competitors. Define your UVP and use it to create compelling content to attract your target customers.
  3. Align sales and marketing efforts: Sales and marketing teams must work together to achieve the best results. Ensure that both teams clearly understand the objectives, funnel stages and action plan.
  4. Optimize your content for each funnel stage: Align your content with each step in the customer journey. Use content that educates, informs, and solves your target audience’s problems.
  5. Leverage personalization: Personalized messaging can significantly improve your sales and marketing funnel’s performance. Use personalization based on customer data and behavior to increase engagement and conversions.
  6. Monitor and analyze your funnel performance: Keep track of your funnel’s performance to identify areas for improvement. Use analytics and data to optimize your funnel’s performance.
  7. Continuously test and experiment: Test different variables, including messaging, content, and offers, to see what works best for your target audience. Always experiment to improve results.

Follow these tips to achieve better results and drive revenue growth for your SaaS business.

The bottom line about marketing funnel templates

Marketing funnel templates are an excellent way to improve your sales and marketing efforts. Creating and implementing these templates becomes easy with the right software, such as Customerly. 

Our workflow builder, funnel templates, and features like personalization, testing, and analysis make it a standout solution for anyone looking to optimize their marketing funnel and achieve success.

Using Customerly, you can simplify your marketing funnel-building process, save time, and see outstanding results. 

So, if you want to enhance your marketing and sales efforts, don’t hesitate to sign up for Customerly today. You can immediately build a successful marketing funnel with our user-friendly platform and expert support.

Luca Micheli

Luca Micheli

CEO @ Customerly

Luca Micheli is a serial tech entrepreneur with one exited company and a passion for bootstrap digital projects. He's passionate about helping companies to succeed with marketing and business development tips.

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