Top 7 Best Email Marketing Automation Software (for Small Business Budget)

Luca MicheliJun 14, 2024
Top 7 Best Email Marketing Automation Software (for Small Business Budget)

Are you thinking of using email marketing automation software for your small business but don’t have enough budget for it?

What if I tell you there is email marketing automation software that won’t break the bank?

Great! I will show you the top 7 best email marketing automation software. But before then, let me commend you for the great decision you are about to make.

It is a great decision because:

You might want to use email automation to deliver the right content at the right time to your list, nurture your customers through the sales funnel, or connect with them on a deeper level. 

Whatever the reasons are, you need to carefully choose the email marketing automation software that can meet your audience’s needs.

Having said that, there are five features you need to look for when considering the email marketing automation software of your choice.  They are:

  1. Email marketing automation software features: You will want to ensure that the email marketing automation software you want to use for your business has all the necessary features.  A good email marketing automation software will have features such as pre-built email templates, email campaign building, bulk email sending, etc.
  2. Cost: This is one of the most important considerations because, as a small business, you are looking for affordable email automation software.
  3. Ease of Use:  There is no point in getting an email marketing automation software that is difficult to use. You want to ensure that the email marketing automation software you want to choose is easy to use. For example, good automation software will have templates for you.
  4. Easy integrations: Good email marketing software will enable you to integrate with other relevant third-party services.
  5. Deliverability: Email marketing automation software is useless without substantial deliverability. Imagine if 20% of your emails are sent to the spam folder. You need software that has high deliverability.

Now you know the features you need to look out for in an email marketing automation software, below are 7 best email marketing automation software that meets the five criteria mentioned above.

1. Email Marketing Automation Software: Customerly


Customerly has an email marketing automation tool that helps you to improve your customer service. It serves about 892170 people on a daily basis. With it, you can create email campaigns, automate sales funnel and get feedback. It has different features you can use to acquire leads and turn them into paying customers. These features are:

  • Conversation (live chat): This feature helps you to connect with your website visitors.
  • Campaign feature: allows you to create, send and track email and in-app campaigns targeted at your visitors.
  • Automation feature: allows you to create an email or in-app automated funnel.
  • Surveys: helps you to create and deliver high-response surveys,
  • NPS: helps to monitor customers’ feedback automatically
  • Lists features help to monitor your customers’ data and create audiences.

Customerly is the best tool in the market for automation. Are you experiencing customer churn and need to bring them back? Customerly is the best for such a task.

Customerly email marketing software is the best. All you need to do is build a visual funnel with an entry point, an email message, and an exit point. The system will send the emails automatically to your users, and then you can nurture them till they convert. 

Apart from that, you can also use Customerly email automation marketing software to create welcome onboard series, abandoned onboarding, in-app tutorials, sales funnel, and e-book funnels + nurturing.

It has excellent integration with notable services like Zapier, Leadsbridge, WordPress, Elementor, and Public API. You can also connect it with Elementor Pro Forms to help you import incoming leads into the Customerly autoresponder.

Customerly email marketing automation software is easy to use. You can choose from different templates to make campaign creation easy for you.

The deliverability of your automated messages is excellent. You don’t have to worry about your messages being sent to the spam folder.

Do you know the sweetest part of it all?

Customerly is very affordable for all businesses, small businesses inclusive.


3 Free Teammates – 1,000 Interactions – $7mo

The essential plan is perfect for a solo founder or a couple of entrepreneurs needing a centralized inbox and a solid email marketing tool to deliver product updates.


6 Free Teammates – 10,000 Included Interactions – Starting at $39mo

A startup plan is the greatest companion for a relatively small team that wants a unified point of contact with their customers while benefiting from Marketing automation and a more robust automation and support solution.


10 Free Teammates – 20,000 Included Interactions – Starting at $82mo

Who chooses the Pro plan is getting serious with Automation that helps the team to reduce the workload on support and marketing operations. It provides a complete suite for the customer success team to identify weaknesses and strengths of the product with in-app surveys and NPS.


15 Free Teammates – 50,000 Included Interactions – Starting at $249mo

Larger teams will benefit from the enterprise plan with team insights, localization, tailored onboarding and prioritized support to help your enterprise scale with the right tools to be always on track.

The next email marketing automation software is Activecampaign.

2. Email Marketing Automation Software: ActiveCampaign

Email marketing automation software

ActiveCampaign is a popular company that provides marketing automation services to small businesses.  It is used by over 60,000 businesses. It has email marketing, marketing automation, sales, and CRM, and messaging tools. Activecampaign is known for its intelligence-driven tools that allow users to collect customers’ insight from different sources and produce interaction details for each customer.  It allows users to split test up to 5 versions of campaigns to know the right one that will generate results.

It also has 150+ integrations with third-party tools.  The tool has different pricing plans. 

The light plan is $29/month, the plus plan is $49 /month, the professional plan is $149/month, and the Enterprise plan is customized.

The next email marketing automation software is HubSpot.

3. Email Marketing Automation Software: HubSpot

Email marketing automation software

HubSpot is a popular email marketing automation software that is used by a lot of businesses worldwide. It is cloud-hosted, and it provides different tools for creating content, developing websites, and creating email campaigns.

The marketing platform’s email template customization feature allows users to create relevant and beautiful emails with pre-made templates.  The automation tool allows users to create emails based on the lead’s behaviors. You can set triggers based on interactions with users.  HubSpot marketing also integrates with Salesforce.

Email marketing automation software

The pricing plan starts from the free plan, the starter plan is $50/month, Professional plan is $800/month and the Enterprise plan starts at $3,200/month.

While Hubspot is not well-known as a cheap solution for small businesses, you can find some great Hubspot alternatives.

The next email marketing automation software is Constant Contact.

4. Email Marketing Automation Software: Constant Contact

Email marketing automation software

Constant Contact is an email marketing automation software that has been in existence for the past 20 years. Over 200 million emails are sent through the platform daily. It has contact management, email tracking, email marketing automation, and social media sharing features.

You can run polls, surveys, and coupons with email enhancement tools.  The real-time marketing analytics feature helps you analyze customers’ behavior and know the right content for them. The contact management options help you to monitor users that bounce and those that are inactive.

Email marketing automation software

Constant Contact has two plans – the email plus – $20/month and the Email plus plan at $45/month.

The next email marketing automation software is SendinBlue.

5. Email Marketing Automation Software: SendinBlue

Email marketing automation software

SendinBlue is an email automation marketing software with three distinct features. It has marketing campaign features that users can use to create email and SMS campaigns.  The transactional messaging feature can help you reach your audience with email and SMS campaigns triggered through interactions.  The marketing automation feature helps you to create a personalized journey for your customers.

Email marketing automation software

SendinBlue plan starts from the free plan, Lite plan – €19/month, Essential plan €29/month, Premium plan – €49/month and the Enterprise plan – custom price.

The next email marketing automation software is Benchmark.

6. Email Marketing Automation Software: Benchmark

Email marketing automation software

Benchmark is a great email marketing automation software. It has beautiful and responsive email templates you can use to create your email campaigns within minutes. The marketing automation features help you to send the right email to your audience and drive revenue.

The email designer feature helps you to create stunning design through the drag & drop editor. The growth features include the list builders, automation, surveys & polls, and these help you to build a relationship with your users.

Tracking features include AB Testing, Inbox checker and report to help you understand your users as they engage with your emails.

Benchmark allow you to integrate with over 300+ services such as Facebook, Google, Shopify, Salesforce, and Zapier.

Benchmark pricing plans start from up to 2,000 subscribers for free. The medium is from $13.99/month, Large lists pricing starts from $349.99, Extra large lists is from $758.99 and massive lists is from $4,800.00.

The next email marketing automation software is SendX.

7. Email Marketing Automation Software: SendX

Email marketing automation software

SendX uses the Opti-Send technology.  This helps users to get better deliverability. This has earned them a good number of awards though new in the industry. It has responsive email templates to enable you to design beautiful emails for your subscribers.

The Automation and segmentation feature includes an auto-tag feature that enables you to tag subscribers based on their actions on your email and send automated emails to nurture them. The email list growth tools such as the email pop-ups, inline email forms, and landing pages enable you to capture and grow your leads. The reporting and analytics tools help you to gather analytics on email opens, click and reply rate.

Email marketing automation software

SendX pricing starts from $14.99/month for the growth plan. The business plan is $37.49/month, and the Enterprise is a custom price.


From the list of email marketing automation software presented above, you can see that customerly trumps them all. It is cheap and has lots of features you can use to acquire leads and nurture them into paying customers.  What are you waiting for? Start with the free 14-day trial and upgrade later.

Luca Micheli

Luca Micheli

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