A bounced email is a message returned to the sender because it was not deliverable. Understanding bounced emails can improve email marketing strategies.


A bounced email, also known as a non-delivery report or failed delivery message, is an electronic message returned to the sender because it was not deliverable for some reason. This could be due to a temporary issue, such as a full inbox, or a permanent problem, such as an invalid or closed email address.

Usage and Context

Bounced emails are common in email marketing and other forms of digital communication. They can significantly affect the performance of email marketing campaigns. Understanding the bounce rate, which is the percentage of sent emails that could not be delivered, can help businesses improve their email marketing strategies.


What causes an email to bounce?

An email can bounce for several reasons, including a full inbox, an out-of-office reply, an invalid email address, or a blocked server.

What is the difference between a hard bounce and a soft bounce?

A hard bounce is a permanent delivery failure, typically caused by an invalid or closed email address. A soft bounce is a temporary delivery failure, often due to a full mailbox or a temporary server issue.

Related Software

Some popular email marketing software, such as MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Constant Contact, provide detailed reports on bounced emails, allowing businesses to track and manage their bounce rates.


Understanding and managing bounced emails can help businesses improve their email deliverability, engagement, and conversion rates. It can also protect their sender reputation, which can be damaged by high bounce rates.


In conclusion, a bounced email is a common issue in email marketing that can affect a business's email deliverability and sender reputation. By understanding the causes and types of bounced emails, businesses can take steps to reduce their bounce rates and improve their email marketing effectiveness.

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  • startupgeeks
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