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How to Set SMART Customer Service Goals that Drive Results

Luca MicheliJul 05, 2023
How to Set SMART Customer Service Goals that Drive Results

Delivering excellent customer service is not just an option but a necessity for the success of your business. 

Your customers expect prompt and efficient support with your product or service throughout their journey, and they will remain loyal to your brand if they receive outstanding customer service. 

Conversely, poor customer service may result in negative reviews, diminished customer satisfaction, and decreased profits. 

Merely striving to provide exceptional service is insufficient. Establishing SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) objectives ensures practical actions that lead to success. 

In today’s guide, we will emphasize the significance of developing SMART customer service objectives and provide a framework for planning and accomplishing these targets.

We will also demonstrate how you can utilize Customerly, our customer service software, to leverage the advantages of intelligent automation combined with a human-first approach and deliver the experiences your customers crave. 

You can start your free trial and evaluate all features while reading. 

By the end of this guide, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to deliver exceptional customer service that will distinguish your business from the competition.

Understanding SMART customer service goals

SMART customer service goals

SMART customer service goals can help you enhance product or service delivery by providing clarity and direction in your customer service strategy. These goals also help you measure your success. 

Let’s take a closer look at the acronym behind the SMART goal.


Your goals should be precise, expressing what you want to achieve and how you intend to reach your objectives. 

For example, instead of setting a vague goal to improve customer satisfaction, you can establish a specific plan to reduce customer complaints by 50% within the next three months.


Having concrete and quantifiable goals to track your progress and determine your achievements is crucial. 

It helps you to estimate whether your endeavors are generating desired results or if you need to modify your strategy. 

For example, you may track metrics such as the percentage of returning customers, retention rate, or Net Promoter Score (NPS) if your objective is to enhance customer loyalty.


Setting unrealistic goals can lead to frustration and demotivation. On the other hand, setting achievable goals can encourage you and your team to work towards reaching them. 

Suppose your goal is to enhance your response speed to customer inquiries. In that case, you may strive to address all questions within 24 hours instead of one hour.


Your objectives should align with your company’s goals, vision, mission, and overall customer service strategy.

For example, offering outstanding customer service can boost client retention, positively affecting your income.


Time-bound goals have a specific timeframe or deadline, helping you prioritize your objectives. 

Setting a deadline can also create a sense of urgency and motivate you and your team to achieve your goals.

For example, if you aim to reduce your response time to customer inquiries, you can set a deadline to achieve it within the next two months.

Let’s explain the benefits of SMART customer service team goals.

Benefits of setting SMART customer service goals

customer service goals benefits

SMART goals can help align your entire customer service team towards a common objective – providing exceptional customer experience and reducing the number of NPS detractors

Let’s discuss some other notable benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction: You may increase customer satisfaction and improve the entire customer experience by identifying areas for customer service teams’ improvement and taking the required steps to address them.
  • Improved customer retention: You can meet the requirements and expectations of your current consumers, lower customer churn, and encourage them to make repeat purchases by using in-app surveys, customer experience analytics, and making any necessary improvements.
  • Enhanced employee engagement and motivation: By clearly communicating customer service goals, you can empower your customer support team to take responsibility for their work and improve their performance, increasing satisfaction and lowering turnover rates.
  • Higher revenue and profitability: You may spot opportunities for growth and take the necessary actions to bring in new clients and keep your current ones.

How exactly do you set customer service goals? Let’s discuss critical steps in the following section.

Critical Steps to Set SMART customer service goals

setting up customer service goals

We have created a framework to help you in setting and achieving critical customer service goals, accelerating your progress.

Analyze current customer service performance 

Collect feedback from customers through surveys, review requests, or feedback forms. Analyze the input you receive and determine areas where you might enhance the team’s customer service skills

Assess your team’s performance by evaluating average handle time, first-call resolution rate, and customer satisfaction metrics. It will help you determine the overall strengths and deficiencies of the entire team.

Define the desired outcome 

Identifying your target outcome comes next after looking at your current customer service performance. 

Establish a clear and defined goal based on your research of the areas where you want to enhance your customer service. 

It will assist you in focusing your efforts and provide your team with a specific goal to work toward.

Identify the metrics to track progress 

Select metrics that align with your customer service goals and establish a baseline and target you aim to reach. 

It enables you to keep track of your advancement and decide whether you are meeting or exceeding your customer service objectives. 

Concentrating on key performance indicators (KPIs) lets you learn where your team needs to enhance its performance and how to adjust your approach to achieve your goals.

Develop an action plan 

Identify the required activities and assign tasks to your team members. Setting deadlines for each assignment ensures your team completes the required actions within the designated time frame. 

By delegating defined roles and deadlines, you can hold your team members accountable for their work and ensure that your customer service goals are achieved within the specified timeframe.

Monitor and adjust 

To keep track of your progress toward your customer service objectives, regularly monitor the chosen KPIs. If you are not progressing toward your goals, change your action plan accordingly.

For example,  if you are not seeing a decrease in the average response time, consider hiring an additional customer service representative or investing in a more efficient response system, like Customerly. 

By closely monitoring your metrics, you may spot areas where you need to make changes and take action to reach your customer service targets.

To reduce manual efforts and automate this process, you can use customer service software like Customerly. 

It provides valuable insights and tools to set and track customer service goals, improve team efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Let’s discuss how you can benefit from our platform.

Utilize customer service software for optimization

Managing and tracking customer service objectives becomes increasingly complex as your business grows. 

Customerly, our customer service solution, helps you monitor vital KPIs to stay organized and facilitate your customer service operations.

Let’s explain what our software can do for your business.

Intelligent automation

Our platform focuses on customer service automation as a crucial feature.

It helps you improve response times by automating routine tasks such as acknowledging receipt of an inquiry or providing frequently asked questions. It reduces the workload of customer service reps, allowing them to concentrate on more complex issues.

With Customerly, you can provide 24/7 support, enabling customers to receive assistance outside traditional business hours. It can enhance customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.

Customerly offers automated workflows that enable you to establish predefined rules and procedures. This feature helps you reduce errors by eliminating manual processes prone to mistakes.

Customerly automated workflows

Lastly, Customerly can provide valuable data insights by tracking and analyzing customer interactions. 

These insights can help you identify trends, understand customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions to continually improve your customer service operations and provide a positive customer experience.

Unified inbox and support conversations

Customerly conversation inbox

With Customerly, you can forget about shuffling through multiple tabs and messages to get an overview of your users. Our conversation inbox lets you handle user conversations in one centralized location.

Customerly allows your customer service manager to assign discussions automatically or manually to your team members to avoid confusion and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

We made it easier to keep your conversation threads clean and tidy and hit zero open conversations. If you need to revisit an old discussion, don’t worry – we’ve covered you with our easy-to-use search function.

You’ll always know whom you’re speaking to using our built-in CRM. Our reply box is more than just a box. You can use canned response templates, a knowledge base, GIFs, emojis, and more to spice up your conversations.

You can collaborate with your team like never before. Use notes, video calls, and more – all within the same platform. 

Try Customerly today and experience the difference for yourself!

Multi-channel support

With our multi-channel support, you can also ensure your customer service team can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously. 

Live and video chat

Customerly live chat

With our chat previews, you can sneak-peek your customers’ messages as they type, allowing you to search for the perfect answer and respond quickly.

Use canned responses to save time and reduce workloads for your team. With a few clicks, you can quickly reply to repeated requests and provide personalized answers using contact properties.

Our built-in editor allows you to create compelling messages with font styles, inline images, and more. And speaking of media, you can share any file type with your customers, including screenshots, PDFs, and videos.

Take advantage of all opportunities to connect with your customers – enable notifications to instantly reply to your live chats via web, mobile, or email. 

Customerly video chat

You can also use video live chat to provide real-time HD support, connect with customers face to face, resolve issues faster and establish closer relationships with your users.

In short, our live chat features offer everything you need to achieve important customer service objectives.

Start your free trial today.

Self-serve help center

Customerly enables you to create a help center on your own domain. It helps your customers research and find answers to their questions. It can relieve the burden on your customer service representatives and accelerate settling customer concerns.

You can see the most frequent queries you didn’t cover with your existing content and create new articles that satisfy your customers’ requirements. 

Customerly self-serve help center

We provide a visual editor that assists you in creating and managing all articles and organizing them into collections. What’s best, you can incorporate various media types to make your content more attractive. You have text, videos, code, and GIFs at your disposal.

Our automated reply feature utilizes sophisticated algorithms to match your customers’ inquiries with appropriate articles from your knowledge base, providing prompt solutions to their problems. This helps to reduce the need for customers to contact your support team, saving time and improving their experience. 

You can add Google Tag Manager to your help center for easy tracking and analytics and continually improve your help center articles with user feedback to ensure they perform optimally.

Start your free trial to see how Customerly works.

Reports to learn and grow

Customerly reports

Analyzing your team’s work is critical to improving their performance. Therefore, we provide comprehensive reports covering every area of your customer service operations.

Chat reports

Our chat reports allow you to track your team’s workload and understand how many conversations happen daily. You can also see how many replies your team sends and mark them as done. 

Help center reports

Our help center reports deliver data on article performance and customer feedback, allowing you to make informed content-improvement decisions.

Failed search reports

If your customers search for something that isn’t returning results, you’ll know it with our failed search reports. 

Using this data, you can understand how to improve your help center articles and bridge knowledge gaps to reduce the number of customer tickets your team receives.

Customer satisfaction reports

You may use these reports to discover how customers perceive your company, comprehend the reasons behind their remarks and take action to enhance their entire experience.

In-chat surveys

Our in-chat surveys allow you to run customer satisfaction surveys as needed, providing valuable feedback that can help you improve your team’s performance. 

These surveys include the product-market fit survey, CSAT survey and Net Promoter Score.

Remember, if you can measure it, you can improve it. Let our reports help you learn and grow as a team, providing the best possible experience for your customers. 

Create your free account now.

Examples of SMART customer service goals for SaaS businesses

Let’s share some SMART customer service goals examples you can use to enhance your customer service efforts.

  1. Increase customer satisfaction ratings by 10% by the end of the quarter through proactive outreach and personalized support.
  2. Reduce response time to customer inquiries by 30% within the next six months by implementing a chatbot and optimizing the ticketing system.
  3. Improve first-call resolution rate to 90% by the end of the year by providing comprehensive training to customer service agents and enhancing knowledge management systems.
  4. Increase customer retention rate by 15% by the end of the year by implementing a customer loyalty program and proactively addressing customer needs and concerns.
  5. Reduce the number of NPS detractors by 50% or higher by the end of the year by measuring customer feedback and taking action to improve the customer experience.

The key to success is regularly reviewing and adjusting goals based on customer feedback and business needs, ensuring customer service remains a top priority and a key differentiator.

Best practices for setting and achieving customer service goals

Here are some practices to implement today to ensure a consistent customer experience.

  • Research industry trends: Stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices in customer service to inform your goal-setting process and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Consider different customer segments: Set goals tailored to different customer segments to ensure all customers receive the level of service they need and expect.
  • Foster cross-functional collaboration: Collaborate with other departments, such as product development or sales, to align customer service goals with broader business objectives and create a seamless customer experience.
  • Use technology to streamline processes: Utilize technology, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software or chatbots, to automate processes and enhance the customer experience. Customerly provides both. Sign up to test these features.
  • Solicit customer input: Solicit feedback when setting goals to meet customer needs and expectations.
  • Review and adjust goals regularly: Regularly review progress towards goals and adjust them as needed based on feedback and changes in business priorities.
  • Celebrate individual and team achievements: Celebrate individual and team achievements when goals are met to boost morale and encourage continued success.

By incorporating these additional best practices into your SMART customer service goal-setting process, you can create a customer-centric culture and drive growth for your SaaS business.

SMART customer service goals: Wrapping up

Setting SMART customer service goals helps you improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. It also helps align customer service efforts with overall business objectives and can increase revenue and profitability.

Customerly is one of the best SaaS tools for businesses setting and achieving SMART customer service goals. 

Our platform has an intuitive user interface, automation features, and real-time statistics. You can use these resources to boost customer experience, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

With our features, you can establish specific objectives and track your progress towards achieving them, such as reducing response times or improving customer retention rates.

Don’t pass up this chance to improve customer service and reach company objectives.

Join Customerly now and start delivering outstanding experiences.

Luca Micheli

Luca Micheli

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Luca Micheli is a serial tech entrepreneur with one exited company and a passion for bootstrap digital projects. He's passionate about helping companies to succeed with marketing and business development tips.

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